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Chosen as one of the TOP 10 Tealovers' Choice at the 2016 Toronto, Canada Tea Festival !

Meet your new favorite tea pairing, a special Milady's Tea exclusive blend of soothing peppermint and lively ginger green tea which kills two birds with one drink.

Each natural ingredient is great for its own reasons, but put them together and you've got yourself a debloating and detoxifying combination. Peppermint is known to support digestion by relaxing the gastrointestinal tract and relieving constipation. It also has a soothing effect and can even curb cravings and appetite.

On the other hand, ginger can help eliminate free radicals from the body while also acting as a digestive aid in addition to other health benefits.

Peppermint and ginger are wonderful for self-care. You can enjoy this delicious healing herbal tea on cold days, but you can also enjoy it chilled on hot days.

Enjoy for less than 0.40$ per cup!


 Ingredients Luxury Green Tea, Natural Dried Ginger, Natural Dried Calendula and Sunflower Petals, Peppermint
Origin Kenya, Japan, Thailand, USA
Antioxidant Level Very High
Caffeing Level Low